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Some audio files are long, so allow some time to download them all. However, they are truly amazing. Listening to how the Lord bi-located Bill (puts him in 2 places at once), many healings and constant prophetic insights is uplifting in the Lord. Give them your time - Bill has an incredible teaching ministry - expect the meat, not milk here (Heb 5 & 6). Those of you who know Bill & Pauline Turner will be more used to their unique ministry. In my experience, there are (sadly) few who reveal the character of our wonderful Lord and teach operation of the spiritual gifts as well as Bill. That's not to mention his outstanding biblical scholarship. Newcomers to this site are in for a treat!!!

If anyone has any more recordings from Bill, please contact me - I'll put them up, and promise to send you back your originals and a CD version. If anyone would like these collections of Bill's sermons, please get in touch and I'll be happy to sort that out.